Perfecting your websites could be challenging because you will need to adjust your back–end code quite a lot in order to make your sites operate better. However, you are able to boost your website’s overall performance, while not having to adjust anything in the backend. By using the Website Accelerator Tools, integrated into the Web Control Panel, you could help your web–sites come up and operate faster than before. This is not going to just benefit your customers (everyone loves the web page they’re browsing to open fast), but also will help your site rank higher in search engine results.

Dealing with the Website Accelerator Tools is certainly quick. Simply sign into your Web Control Panel and find out exactly how each website accelerator application operates.


RAM–storing rather than database calls

The Memcached tool is designed for boosting website loading speeds by storing the data–base information that is asked for by your customers. It is a robust memory–based object store, allowing for data and objects to be memorized within the RAM as an alternative for being loaded when a customer goes to a page.

This platform is good for your data–base–powered websites or web applications where your clients spend a lot of time surfing around as well as checking out information. Memcached can be found in the advanced instruments area of the Web Control Panel.

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RAM–storing instead of HTTP requests

While using the Varnish website accelerator program included in Swifty Host’s Web Control Panel, you can make your website pages load faster for your visitors. All of the adjustments are made by way of an intuitive interface, without the need to produce any immediate changes to the code of your web site.

Varnish is definitely an HTTP acceleration tool that helps all web pages come up faster by storing them within the server’s RAM. By doing this, after a webpage has been loaded by a website visitor once, it doesn’t need to be brought by the server any more, which will lessens loading times and hastens your webpages. It’s been measured that Varnish generally enhances website load times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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Generate adaptable web apps without hassle

Node.js provides an advanced development platform for developing flexible applications and websites in a short time span. It could be employed for nearly anything – from coping with API calls, streaming information and also parsing e–mails to transforming pictures, music files, video clips and office docs.

It’s based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also employs an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it lightweight and reliable. Also, Node.js offers a massive supportive community that creates steady updates to the system and is always happy to assist.

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